Book Hoarders, Unite!

Tonight, I am packing. Packing books, and more books, and more books.

Before my last interstate move, I was ruthless about weeding books from my collection. I gave away everything that I would be able to find at a public library, including most of my classic works of literature. I've never missed them. As long as I can get them at a library, all is good.

Here's my problem with this move: I still have the books I couldn't stand to give up in my last move: the landmark scholarly works I used for my dissertation that I can't get outside of a university library. In addition to these, I have a ton of books that I acquired for my historical novel research. These books also cannot be found in most libraries: the only way you get them outside of academia is to buy them. There's no way I'm letting them go.

I own a number of books about faith, and living out one's faith in various ways. These need to stay in my home as references. Then there are the gargantuan works like my beautiful, deluxe edition of the Odyssey, my Collected Works of Shakespeare, or my excellent book of New York Times Front Pages collected from over one hundred years, a phenomenally good gift from my sister-in-law Laura. Each of these books probably weighs five to ten pounds!

So here I am in the age of the e-book, about to move hundreds of pounds of paper books to my new home.

And I am not sorry. :-)

Book hoarders, unite!