Roaring Lions, Cracking Rocks

I don't do many book reviews, and I don't review fiction at all, in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

I'm making this special edition post to tell you about my friend Warren Baldwin's book, however, not just because he is my friend, but because he has written an excellent application study of Proverbs.

And how better to study Proverbs than through application? It's the ultimate book of application, a guide to avoiding life's pitfalls and building strong relationships.

Reading Roaring Lions, Cracking Rocks is like sitting down for a one-on-one study with an excellent conversationalist who also possesses enormous life experience.

Warren writes very well, without wasting a word. Each meaningful anecdote connects a proverb to our confusing twenty-first century world. He divides the anecdotes into eight sections based on topics, such as Husband and Wife, Parenting, Responsibility, and Wisdom in Relationships. This topical structure is an excellent guide for those who wish to use the book either as a bedside devotional or as a small group study.

Warren's book is aimed at a Christian audience, but I think his approach to Proverbs is so appealing that he should write another book on Proverbs for a secular audience.

Stay with me here. I know, it may sound crazy, but at the end of my agnostic decade, one of the evidences that led me back to faith was the fruitfulness and peace I saw in the lives of Christian friends. Proverbs MAKES SENSE, even to nonbelievers. So Warren, that's my first request of you.

I also want Warren to write a third book on Proverbs aimed at children. His style would be perfect to help children understand what it means to live a good life that honors God and others. So often, our children learn only the superficial trappings of faith, because they don't have the experience to understand suffering, evil and redemption. I think Warren is just the person to write an accessible narrative children's study, so the little ones can learn some of these principles before they have to discover them the hard way.

Christians in search of a highly-relevant application of Proverbs can order Roaring Lions, Cracking Rocks at Warren's website.