Must. Write. Now.

So, for the last two months since I finished my second novel, I've been mostly taking a break from writing.

I've done some editing on a previous novel, and I've critiqued my partners' novels.

But as far as drafting original material, no. Nada.

I can tolerate life without writing for about four weeks. At six weeks, it becomes uncomfortable. At eight weeks, EEEEEAAAAARRRGGGGHH!

I'm jumping out of my skin. I feel itchy and crabby.

Here's the problem. Historical novels require research. This research means that I can't just dive into a new project--I have to do some foundational research first. But I also can't let the research bog me down and prevent me from starting.

I have a specific project in mind that is set sixty years after my last novel, in a vastly different place. I've done the preliminary research, but now I have to bite the bullet and draft a plot outline.


I dislike drafting initial outlines, even though that's a necessary part of my very structured writing process.

Why? Because the initial outline is going to stink.

That's the way it goes. Initial outlines stink. As the manuscript begins to breathe and take on its own life, the plot becomes interesting and I revise the outline.

But oh, how I hate that initial stinky outline.

If I don't start writing, however, I'm going to look and act like a mad scientist in about two more weeks.

Time to get to work.