So, I did it again. For at least the fifth or sixth time in the last couple of months, I spent at least half an hour typing a post, then consigned it to the purgatory of draftdom, in all likelihood never to be seen again. (That is, unless you're subscribed to my blog feed, which occasionally traps these limbo posts and allows you to read them even though they're erased from my blog.)

It's a constant battle; I want to be transparent. I want to share my real joys and pains, especially with people whom I feel have become my long-distance friends. If we were in a small group together, I would have no hesitation in sharing some of these things. But I'm also aware that I'm writing in a public forum. And some of you have never met me in person. It's all too easy for me to give an impression that isn't accurate when seen through this narrow window of my blog.

Fellow bloggers, do you struggle with this? Am I the only one who has a dusty little pile of draft posts that sit there to remind me of the gap between what I would like to share, and what I think is prudent?